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5 useful tips for hosting an exceptional exhibit opening

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Opening your own gallery be it online or physically can be both and exciting and anxious time. You represent the best of everyone's talent and hold the responsibility to showcase it in the best light. Some top tips can make this time more enjoyable....

1. Plan you time and space ensuring you have sufficient space for people to view the art from various angles. One persons perspective is different to another's and this can be the difference between a sale and view.

2.Ensure you have enough fixtures- for safety and to be able to show the work at its best. Heavier pieces may look better leaning against a wall.

3. Network- The most anxious part of any journey but the most rewarding. Use all channels from social media to speaking to those in your proximity.

4. Don't try to predict your buyer - art is personal and can appeal to all. Don't lose potential buyers for your artists, show everyone everything.

5.Keep marketing after the launch event. Don't think that the flyers you handed out on the day were enough. Keep potential buyers updated with new work from your artists.

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